Mcafee LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe is a specialized security program designed to protect your digital world from viruses and cybercrimes. With it, you can ensure complete privacy of your data and the security of your devices. The security software supports multiple operating systems, making it easy for customers to protect their e-world.

Features of McAfee LiveSafe

  • Virus and threat protection to help you secure data and online identity with real-time anti-malware
  • McAfee Personal Locker to keep your confidential documents in the cloud. These documents can be accessed only when you authenticate with your voice and face.
  • Protects multiple devices (PC, mobile phones, tablets) with one subscription
  • Protects your Android and iOS phones from cyber threats
  • Includes password manager to help you remember username and passwords for different accounts

Downloading, installing, and activating McAfee LiveSafe doesn’t ask a user to follow any hard and fast rule. You just have to follow the stepwise instructions given below:
(Firstly, purchase the security program from McAfee online store or any retail outlet)

  • Go to
  • Enter your McAfee activation code
  • Log in to your McAfee account
  • Click Download

Once McAfee LiveSafe setup downloads, proceed to the installation by following these steps:

  • Double-click the downloaded file (available in your browser’s downloads history or system downloads folder)
  • Click Run
  • Read the License Terms and Conditions
  • Click I agree to continue
  • Wait until the process finishes!

Once both these processes finish, you will be notified to activate your subscription. Click the notification and enter your McAfee product key to activate McAfee LiveSafe. However, if you don’t receive any such notification, then do the following:

  • Open McAfee LiveSafe by clicking its icon from the desktop or the right corner of the taskbar
  • Go to Settings and then Subscription
  • Enter your product key here
  • Click Activate, and it’s done!

Your digital world is secure now!

Common McAfee Errors You Might Experience

  1. McAfee LiveSafe activation key is not working
    Solution- Check if you have typed the key correctly or not.
  2. McAfee LiveSafe download error
    Solution- Make sure your system has sufficient storage space. Check if your device meets the required specifications or not, and ensure that there is no other McAfee security software installed on your device.
  3. McAfee LiveSafe not scanning
    Solution- Check your internet connection. If the problem persists, contact McAfee support professionals.
  4.  McAfee LifeSafe gets corrupted
    Solution- Uninstall the software and reinstall the same by using the stepwise instructions you have followed before

For further assistance, reach out to the team of McAfee support professionals